art 1 final

Required Question :
yes it helped me grow as a artist. It allowed me to come up with new ideas and be free. It also gave me a chance to try out a lot of different mediums. This also let me know what i work better with and how good i can do with different things . So yes i think this help me grow as a artist .

The art project i grew the most , i would say the perspective project. i  guess i learn how to use the three perspectives.  i also found a easy way for backgrounds.this project made me better. learned how the draw in different perspective .now i can make my pieces in different perspectives.

The technique i use for this project was 3 point worked really well with my project.i used the 3 point prespative it really gave the pramind a angle look to made it look like it was really in the sky. this also help me use ruler better .

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